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ROW Sea Kayak Adventures Announces New Kayaking Tour in the Balkans

Story by ROW Adventures

Posted: August 4, 2016

A cultural, historical, and culinary kayaking exploration of Albania, Montenegro, and Croatia


ROW Sea Kayak Adventures is excited to announce a new sea kayaking and adventure tour in the Balkan region. ROW has a long history in the Balkans, with founder Peter Grubb's first visit there in 1974. Over the years, ROW has offered several tours in the area, ranging from hiking tokayaking, cultural exploration to culinary adventures.On their new Three Country Kayak Tour,

ROW Sea Kayak Adventures takes small groups of no more than 14 people at a time to see a Europe that few people know, visiting Croatia, Montenegro, and Albania. Seeing the landmarks of the Balkan region from the unique perspective of a kayak allows travelers to get up-close with the sites. ROW's tours include local guides with an abundance of knowledge about the history and culture of the area.

Grubb comments: "We have a long history in the Balkans. My first trip there was in 1974 at the age of 17, driving through Yugoslavia and what is now Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Croatia.  We operated our first trips there along the Dalmatian coast in 1988 - we were the first US company to have an active travel program in what was then Yugoslavia. Despite an eight-year break after the fall of the Berlin Wall, we've been operating in the region ever since, and even work with the same family there that we worked with when we first started running trips."

Since their first trips in the Balkans, they've expanded their tour offerings. In 2010, Grubb found out about the new Balkans Peace Park Trail. He wanted to find a way to support the concept, and educate people about it. In 2012, Grubb led the first American tour group on that trail, which courses through Montenegro, Kosovo, and Albania.

"The region is so fascinating from a historical standpoint, it only made sense to have an itinerary that weaves together several countries. This, combined with our passion for sea kayaking, was the motivation behind the new tour," says Grubb. "It's a thoughtfully designed tour, getting off the beaten path and experiencing thesecountries with a unique mode of travel. We have great contact with the local folks, stay in boutique accommodations, and are truly immersed in the culture."

ROW Sea Kayak Adventures' first trip will run in August 2016, with more dates in the summer of 2017.

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