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Russian Far East 2017: Introducing Ten Remarkable Expeditions

Story by Heritage Expeditions


2014_01_31_10_15_30_ETan_Kamchatka_Brown_Bear_.jpg_IrfanVieweb9ca5We are excited to share our Russian Far East 2017 expedition calendar with you.  Itineraries are now confirmed for a whopping ten expeditions into this incredible region, with unique wildlife and cultural experiences, options for sea kayaking and of course, our coveted explorations through the North East Passage.  With only 50 travellers per expedition, now is the time to browse our range of expeditions and think ahead for your adventure holiday for 2017.

You can view the full range of expeditions on our website or contact us for expedition itineraries, past trip logs and species lists.

Additionally, stay up to date with the Spirit of Enderby as she navigates the Russian coastline this season. Highlights so far include:

All this, and we are only half way through our season exploring Russia's remote coastlines! Follow our Captain's Blog or Facebook Page as more incredible wildlife encounters will inevitably abound as the Spirit of Enderby heads north.

A Snapshot of our Ten Adventurous Expeditions

c384eadc-0a1d-4ee3-84ce-5848643464f11. Russia's Ring of Fire, 30 May

Kamchatka is  known as the Land of Fire and Ice. This voyage explores the Commander Islands, the Kuril Islands and Kamchatka. Learn about the intriguing history and spectacular wildlife of the area. Kayaking is available and the seas are rich with many species of seabirds and cetaceans.  View on our website, orcontact us for a full itinerary.

f1da99e9-f9be-451d-8bf3-9de13b0e271e2. Sea of Okhotsk, 12 June

This region is home to significant history and epic wildlife. We plan on encountering Kamchatka Brown Bears, Ribbon Seals, breeding colonies of Steller Sea Lions, and spectacular numbers of seabirds. In addition, large numbers of Steller's Sea Eagles call this region home. Kayaking is available. View on our website, or contact us to enquire.

eff86329-cb76-49c3-beda-86949386b726 3.Siberia's Forgotten Coast, 27 June

This expedition is one of rich diversity, with potential to see Steller's Sea Eagles, Sea Otter, Kamchatka Brown bear, Arctic Fox and Pacific Walrus. Marine life is varied and we may even be lucky enough to see one of the most critically endangered birds in the world, the Spoon-billed Sandpiper. Kayaking is available. View on ourwebsite, or contact us.

3cde8a00-a5bd-42ea-8579-eddeb517f9e84. Chukotka: Where Russia's Day Begins, 10 July

On this special expedition we will meet the people of the Arctic, celebrating with them at their annual Regatta and Festival before cruising towards Wrangel Island looking for Polar Bears on ice and Arctic Wildlife. This itinerary can be joined in either Anadyr, Russia or Nome, Alaska.Contact us for a expedition itinerary, or view our website.

9be10e2e-11e6-4a97-afde-0a7ef319d2bb5, 6, & 7. Across the Top of the World : Wrangel Island, 7 & 21 Aug 

Travel north to the wildlife haven of Wrangel Island where powerful Polar Bears roam the immense landscape. This isolated Arctic nature reserve is a delight for those keen on a true wilderness experience. Join in Russia or Alaska, (note our first voyage is under charter).  View on our website, or contact us for more information.

f1169f90-991c-4cbf-b22b-ba2b208165e18 & 9. North East Passage, 31 July & 29 August 

Make history on this long awaited voyage through the Russian Arctic's Northeast Passage, one of the greatest seaways in the world. Only a handful of expedition vessels have ever transited this passage, but recent changes mean that this historic and fascinating sea route is now accessible. We invite expeditioners to join us on this historic journey, contact us today to book!

d084d41b-42da-4624-b8aa-b9ea399ebedf10. Jewel of the Russian Far East, 4 September

September is a beautiful time to explore the eastern seaboard of Russia. The cooler temperatures encourage vibrant colours on the hillsides as the wildlife prepares for winter. Fat Kamchatka Brown Bears will be soaking up the last of the warm sun. This voyage can be joined in either Anadyr or Alaska. View on our website, or contact us for an itinerary.