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School Holiday Special - Bring the Kids to Indonesia

Story by SeaTrek Sailing Adventures

Posted: May 18, 2016

For our June, July & August Dances, Dragons & Magical Lakes cruises in 2016, we have some very special deals for you and your kids to enjoy some savings during the upcoming school holidays. Bring one child, and they sleep in your triple cabin for free. Bring two, only pay for one, and they can both share their own cabin. That’s one free child for every booking, regardless.This a great opportunity to get them away from their phones, iPods/Pads, computer game and into nature for some fresh air and wonder, along with the added bonus of a tropical holiday with great snorkelling, swimming, island visits, rope swinging off jungle waterfalls, and encountering the mighty Komodo Dragons in the wild. We guarantee they will love you for it.