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Sea Kayaking: The Perfect Summer Adventure During COVID

Story by Fresh Adventures

Posted: April 19, 2021

Looking for something fun to do outside this summer? 

So are we, and we are excited about sea kayaking in Canada! 

As thousands of outdoor enthusiasts begin planning their summer escapes we think this is the perfect activity during COVID.


Well for one, sea kayaking is naturally a socially distant activity that takes place in well ventilated areas (like the expansive wilderness of the ocean).  This makes sea kayaking fairly safe during these uncertain times. 

Sea kayaking is also something you can book fairly easily.  While most people are clambering to book drive to campsites, sea kayaking in the distant wilderness is far easier to plan, since less people have the savvy and expertise to do an expedition like this.  What's best is many of the sea kayak accessible camping areas don't require reservations.

It's the perfect way to get outside.  Completely human powered, and something that can be done solo or in a group, sea kayaking is one of the lowest impact ways to enjoy the wilderness.  (Provided you are practising leave no trace camping).

So where should you go?

We've rounded up a list of some of the coolest places to go sea kayaking in Canada this summer. 

  • Broughton Archipelago, BC:  Hundreds, if not thousands, of islands speckle the pristine ocean wilderness, off the coast of Vancouver Island.  Enjoy the waters teeming with marine life, the uncrowded island paradise and the clean ocean air and dark skies.
  • Johnston Strait, BC:  Right next to the Broughton Archipelago lies Johnston Strait, which is known best for the orcas and whales that pass through these sacred waters.
  • Broken Group Islands, BC:  On the west coast of Vancouver Island you can find the Broken Group Islands, scattered in the most beautiful waters of Barkley Sound.  Crystal clear water and white sandy pocket beaches make camping hear a bucketlist trip.
  • South SHore, NS:  Interesting rock formations, pure ocean air and secret beaches lie waiting for you to discover.  Makes a great addition to a trip to Halifax!
  • 1000 Islands, ON:  Hundreds of available routes, wilderness camping and lots of history (including a castle) make paddling the 1000 Islands one of the best places to get out on the water in Ontario.

Sea kayaking is a low impact sport that is suitable for most active people.  It's fairly easy to learn and can take you to a lot of amazing places. 

We recommend taking courses and reading up to make sure you are equipped with the knowledge you need to keep you and your group safe.  Or hire a guide!

You can learn more about sea kayaking in Canada here.