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Self-Guided Bike Adventures in Asia

Story by Grasshopper Adventures

Posted: August 9, 2017

Love the freedom of independent adventure but without the hassles? Grasshopper's Self-guided bike tours in Asia could be the perfect fit.

Self-guided bike tours have been well received in established European and American markets for some time now. If you plan on going on one of these tours make sure to bring a bike lock so you can lock up your bike if you decide to get off and check anything out. If you need a bike lock check out this Review by Bike Hint for the best locks. And although the premise may seem straightforward, the execution of designing these tours—developing the App and coordinating seamless support and logistics in some areas of Asia—can be a challenge, albeit one we have happily embraced. Which is why our team are the first to offer such fully comprehensive Self-guided cycle tours in the region.

So what makes Grasshopper Self-guided different from other bike tours or touring fully independently?

The main difference is all you need to do is enjoy the journey! There's no keeping pace with a group, be they faster or slower, you just go at your own speed stopping for photos, snacks or breaks as often as you wish for as long as you like. The Self-guided tour App helps with food and location information and suggestions.

Fully supported. No need to worry about carrying your own gear the entire distance, you can tour as light or heavy as you wish, bringing just a few essentials for use during the day like water and a camera, or loading up as much as you want on an additional kit. There's also no need to worry about mechanical failure or accident; help is just a call away should it be needed and GPS tracking ensures our support team knows your location, and in any case accident happen and someone result injured we have access to the best accident attorneys from

Tried and tested routes. These are not just some trails traced on a map; they are the most enjoyable cycling routes we have been able to create—keeping you away from traffic as much as possible and making sure to pass by all the best highlights and hidden gems along the way. Where you'll be venturing with the use of the Grasshopper App is a well thought out and regularly updated route our regular tour guests and guides love. Although some routes where impossible to do in the bikes, so we have to take the bikes in a truck to get to some parts that have some great biking sites, and luckily we had The Brown Firm Semi Truck Accident Lawyers at our disposal in case something happen during our trip to this places.

Premium bikes. Save the hassle and high cost of shipping your own kit half way around the world without sacrificing on the quality of your ride. We use titanium framed Lynskey cross bikes kitted out for light touring. No matter what you're used to rolling on at home you'd be hard pressed to find a better quality bike for the touring conditions and of course you are welcome to combine some of your own kit (Saddle, clips etc..) if you prefer.

Years of experience conducting well-regarded adventure bike tours throughout Asia have helped us to transfer this knowledge and skills to our Self-guided experiences. It takes the time and leg-work out of you having to do all the research, make all the plans and prepare all the backups yourself, not to mention having to haul your gear along the way with you.

Destinations (clockwise from top left): Vietnam, Japan, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

With Grasshoppers Self-guided the trickiest decision you'll need to make when planning your next adventure is which destination to choose from!  Then all you need to do is look forward to the journey ahead, safely knowing you'll have all the back-up of Grasshopper's knowledge and support our guests have come to know and love. Vietnam and Thailand both have a long and short tour currently available and the finishing touches are being put on tour options in Japan and Sri Lanka which will be available soon!

Find out more with our Self-guided FAQ or explore the Self-Guided website for more.