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Summit Mount Kilimanjaro on Christmas Eve with Tusker Trail

Story by Tusker Trail

Posted: November 11, 2013

Kilimanjaro climbing company, Tusker Trail, announces an exclusive holiday Kilimanjaro Climb

Lake Tahoe, NV – Tusker Trail, a world-class adventure travel company that conducts guided Kilimanjaro climbs, is announcing a very special 13-day climb of MT. Kilimanjaro that summits Kilimanjaro on Christmas Eve. On this holiday Kilimanjaro climb via the Lemosho Route, adventurers make the final steps of this life-changing trek on Christmas Eve and wake up the next morning on Christmas day at Crater Camp.  Possibly a “White Kili Christmas”.

Although Tusker Trail climbs a number of Kilimanjaro climbing routes, the Lemosho Route is one of their most popular as it is a longer itinerary that gives climbers the chance to acclimatize more readily to the altitude. The extended climbing time that is planned into the itinerary increases the chances of each traveler summiting the mountain. Lemosho is also one of the more scenic routes up Kilimanjaro and does not require a midnight summit climb. This exhilarating trek includes 10 days of climbing through some of the most pristine and diverse terrain in the world, delicious food, and expert guides.

Tusker Trail’s Kilimanjaro summit rate is 99%---more than double the average on the mountain. And, with a focus on climbing safety, unmatched logistics, Tusker Trail is a true veteran in the industry. The awesome mountain food created by the Culinary Institute of America, contributes to an unparalleled Kilimanjaro climbing experience. Tusker’s professional, medically-trained mountain guides monitor climbers every step of the way and are considered the best on the mountain. Their guides are drilled and mountain-ready to save lives during high altitude emergencies, using effective medical evacuation techniques. Climbers can be assured that Tusker Trail’s guides receive the most extensive medical training in the business.

The Christmas Kili climb departs December 15th, 2013. Price: $5190 PP. Additional Kilimanjaro climbing dates are available. Tusker Trail also offers Tanzania safari extensions.