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Taste Galapagos Gourmet Slow Food with Opuntia

Story by Neotropic Expeditions Colombia-Galapagos-Ecuador


The first and only hotel brand in the Galapagos Islands offering gourmet slow food

Opuntia, one the leading Galapagos travel brands operating eco-hotels and eco-tours throughout the Galapagos Islands, has introduced the slow food movement with their new travel package, Galapagos Wildlife for Active Foodies.

This eight-day vacation takes Opuntia guests on a dynamic tour of Darwin’s nature, introducing the wildlife of the Galapagos Islands while gathering and learning about the flora and fauna that become a farm-to-table meal. Guests will enjoy: gathering edible plants on a primary forest walk; a non-endemic wild pig roast in a southern style BBQ; freshly caught grilled snapper on a tropical beach; Galapagos coffee and Ecuadorian chocolate from a nearby highland farm.

While staying at first-class hotels, the Angermeyer Waterfront Inn on San Cristobal Island and the Semilla Verde on Santa Cruz Island, guests are invited to participate in the only sustainable slow food experience offered throughout the Galapagos Islands.

Activities offered in the Galapagos Wildlife for Active Foodiespackage are as follows:

  • Deep sea fishing excursion with the locals to prepare sushi and sashimi of yellow fin tuna and wahoo, which are on the national park “green list” to catch
  • Sea kayaking and snorkeling with sea lions and marine iguanas; and swim/kayak through volcanic lava fissures
  • Hike with guides to learn about evolutionary natural history and to meet the unique wildlife on three southern islands
  • Mountain bike an exclusive, eco-friendly route through ever-changing terrain
  • Participate in the cooking process, or just watch, relax and enjoy the final products
  • Hike with guides to collect organic ingredients for the meals prepared, and learn about local free range and organic products unique to the Galapagos Islands
  • Visit a farmers market and local coffee/cocoa plantation

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity offered by Opuntia, not only brings guests closer to the true Galapagos way of living, but also helps support and sustain local communities at what they do best: fish, farm and hunt.

The Galapagos Wildlife for Active Foodies is an invaluable opportunity to learn, as well as stimulate the senses, while savoring the finest products on one of the best preserved Islands on earth.

Sample menus from the Galapagos Wildlife for Active Foodies itinerary include:

  • Charcoal grilled Indonesian style satay of young feral goat, accompanied by gado gado salad and Longton rice, folded in banana leaves
  • Freshly cut sashimi, fruit salad and ceviche made with locally grown citrus; sushi, vegetable tempura, miso soup and green tea sorbet
  • Marinated organic, locally raised beef Carpaccio, a fresh herb salad and a roast of short rib with béarnaise sauce
  • Grilled snapper, vegetable brochettes and quinoa salad
  • Caprese salad, wood oven fired pizzas, focaccias and calzones
  • Pig roast (all day event), green papaya salad, several sauces and cutting of the roasted pork with samples of South American wines