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The 1st Ever Shanghai to Singapore Bike Tour Reaches Hong Kong on 11 October 2013

Story by TDA Global Cycling

Posted: October 8, 2013

The Shanghai to Singapore or as it has been named, the Bamboo Road tour, is the 6th of the 7Epics transcontinental bicycle tours run by the Toronto based company Tour d’Afrique Ltd. This is a first ever organized tour that enables cyclists of all ages and capabilities to cycle through China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and finish in Singapore. At the end of this journey they will have clocked 7940km, which include 70 days riding and 20 days resting.

7Epics is a series of spectacular, fully supported, long-distance cycling expeditions/races passing through over 50 countries and 6 continents that, when combined, cover over 72,000kms or nearly circumnavigates the globe, twice.

43 cyclists that hail from all over the globe, set out on 22 September from Shanghai. On arrival in Hong Kong they will have already journeyed 2,075km through China’s bamboo-clad hills, and along lakes, canals, waterfalls and forests. Hong Kong designates the end of the first section of the tour. The tour is divided into six sections which allow some participants who are unable to do the whole tour to end or start in Hong Kong.

For most of the participants this is the first time ever in these parts of the world, a trip of a life time. For others this is another of the 7Epics – a way to see the world from the seat of a bicycle.

After giving their cycle weary bodies a break, and maybe after a dash of shopping, the group will make their way to Hanoi via a ferry ride from Hong Kong to Macau.

“The 7 Epics concept is great. In fact it’s another of those ideas which makes you wish you had another lifetime to spare!” -Tony Wheeler, Co-founder Lonely Planet