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The Coolest Marathon on Earth!

Story by Albatros Travel

Posted: March 13, 2017

Ice as far as the eye beholds. Impossibly beautiful, blue skies. Incredibly fresh air. Musk oxen and arctic foxes on the stark landscape of the arctic tundra.

Yes, we are in one of the most remote corners of the world: Greenland. Feel the soft crunch of snow beneath your shoes while running through the arctic desert and Greenland ice cap and immerse yourself in this rare and exceptional natural beauty.

This will undoubtedly be the coolest running experience of your life.

Polar Circle Marathon photo Klaus Sletting
From Polar Circle Marathon 2016 by Klaus Sletting

A part of the route takes place on the ice sheet itself, but the main part of the course is run on the gravel road (often snow covered) that connects the ice sheet with the small township of Kangerlussuaq, just north of the Polar Circle.

The Polar Circle Marathon takes place in October every year. In 2017, the event takes place on 28 and 29 October. And in 2018, the race will take place on 27 and 28 October.

The Polar Circle Marathon features a classic 42.195 km marathon and a 21.097 km half marathon.

Sign up for the Polar Bear Challenge and run them both.

Click here for more info and signing up.