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The French Connection

Story by The Travel Yogi

Posted: April 5, 2019

The "Why We Love It" Piece...

When we first strolled the cobblestone streets of the quaint, charming, medieval villages dotting the Dordogne region of southern France - it took mere seconds to fall in love with it all. The colors, fresh smells, slow pace of life, friendly faces and lyrical “Bonjour’s!” swept us, and all of our successive traveling yogis, off their feet.

Now, truth be told, France wasn't always a favorite here in the office.  It's funny (sad?) the impressions that can be made of an entire country by one rough initial trip.  A rude waiter here (I know... sooo stereotypical), some bad translations (on our part) there and all of a sudden we were running for the train station.  But how very uncool to close our map, and our minds, to France because of a crumby memory from so long ago!  Back we went.  This time we hit up the south of France and it was, as stated earlier, love at first sight.  The idyllic bucolic setting, the food and the wine!  Heaven.  Creating the perfect adventure for our yogis to enjoy was a simple conclusion after the very first night.

Mix equal parts amazing yoga, stunning visual and cultural beauty, carefully crafted itineraries, a love for all of the above and all of a sudden, you have friends for life.  To put it simply, France: culture around every corner, amazing yoga, vineyard wanderings, sommelier evenings, castles absolutely evvverywhere and likeminded fellow travelers to soak it all up with you.  There's something amazing that happens when things just click.