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Tour d’Afrique Leading a New Trend of Epic Cycling Tours

Story by TDA Global Cycling


Toronto, CA - Named for their 7,500 mi, four month trans-Africa cycling tour - now in its 11th year – Tour d’Afrique Ltd. has launched a series of similar cycling events that now cover the globe. Outside Magazine has just released their 2013 Travel Awards and named Tour d’Afrique’s Epic Cycling Tours as the Best New Trendin travel.

Taking this idea to its limits, Tour d’Afrique is launching a global challenge they are calling the 7 Epics. It’s a series of seven of their most challenging multi-month, multi-country expeditions. For those brave souls that complete them all, they will have cycled over 45,000 miles or the equivalent of almost twice the distance around the globe!

The trend towards longer and more challenging tours is growing each year with other companies now picking up on this approach. More healthy and active baby boomers are retiring every year and looking for a challenge that is truly epic.

Tour d’Afrique Ltd. is a Toronto based company with tours on 6 continents and in over 60 countries. Our tours range in length from 2 weeks to up to 5 months. Participation is open to all able bodied adults.