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Traveling Solo But Not Alone

Story by The Travel Yogi

Posted: October 2, 2017

If you’re considering (or have already planned) a solo yoga vacation, you’re not alone!

On any given trip with The Travel Yogi you'll find that our intrepid yogis are heading out on an independent journey, so regardless of the destination, you’re in excellent company!

While we all know you’re an awesome, independent, openhearted and ready-to-roll traveler, we’ve put together a few tips gleaned from our own independent adventures to help you make the most of your yoga retreat...

Built-in Yoga “Bolsters”

Did you leave your best yoga pals at home? One of the beauties of a TTY yoga retreat is the built-in new buddies with a shared goal and love of all things travel and yoga. Plus you’ve got an experienced yoga teacher-leader who’s there to “bolster” your spirits and help you thrive and jive.

Just minutes on the mat together can help a new group forge strong bonds that extend far beyond the studio. Our yoga teacher-leaders have a gift for helping a new group gel, and the yoga glue connects all of those amazing moments that happen off the mat during your adventure.

We promise that you won’t feel like a solo traveler for long – all the mats around you represent other open hearts and open minds ready for discovery, and that’s a lot of good juju…

Go With The Flow

Bhutan Adventure Yoga Retreat The Travel YogiConcerned about how to fill your time or make the most of this life-changing trip? Don’t be! The beauty of an adventure travel trip with The Travel Yogi is that we’ve taken all of the stress out of travel planning.

Years of experience and an intimate knowledge of our destinations (AND of our traveling yogis’ passions) has helped us to craft beautifully balanced days. Some of our yoga adventures keep you busy every day exploring the best of the local culture and history (think Bhutan, Iceland, Peru, etc.) and some give you that cultural immersion while balancing out some free time (like in France or the Mayan Riviera).

You can look forward to gorgeous, healthy meals, inspired yoga classes, and meaningful excursions that take you under the tourist-surface. Go with our flow, and we promise you a rich, once-in-a-lifetime journey.

Expect The Unexpected

Time alone traveling is a great chance to really “be” with yourself. As with the exploration of self that can happen on the yoga mat, solo travel can, and often, brings up “stuff.” And just like with your yoga practice, a seasoned yogi and a group of like-minded classmates can help you transcend momentary challenges to gain in-depth insights and growth.

Journal, meditate, pray – do whatever you do to sit with yourself and your revelations. We promise that everyone around you is experiencing similar moments of revelation, and the intimacy of your yoga retreat is the perfect place to go deep.

Flexibility Beyond The Mat

Whether traveling alone or in a group, stuff happens. Luggage gets lost, the weather Iceland Yoga Retreat Buddies The Travel Yogidoesn’t cooperate, so on and so forth. Solo travel is a great chance to take that yoga class flexibility for a test run. When things aren’t exactly as you’d imagined, it’s time to get bendy.

Your adventure comes with a built-in support network of like-minded travelers. Discover the "we’re-in-this-together" spirit that develops among yogis on a shared. The group vibe allows you and your new friends to bend with what each day brings as you laugh your way to unparalleled experiences.

Your willingness to “flex” at the moment can turn a misadventure into a life-long memory (and a really good travel story!).

P.S. Many thanks to our often-solo and always-intrepid Karla Schultz for a few of these pics and we look forward to more!