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Tropical Tree Climbing Eco Tours in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest Adds an Eight-Day Package to its Tropical Vacation Getaways

Story by Amazon Emotions

Posted: September 18, 2013

Ecotourism group announces its new, eight-day vacation package in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest

Manaus, BRAZIL – Visitors to the 668-acre natural rainforest site that is home to Tropical Tree Climbing’s eco-tourism vacation adventures weren’t ready to leave after their five-day vacations in the Amazon’s treetops. After enough people requested an eight-day eco-tour option be added to the options, Tropical Tree Climbing founder and Director Leonide Principe and his wife Vanessa Mariño added the new, eight-day “Ultimate Adventure Tour” for visitors who can’t get enough of the rainforest and its opportunities for exploring, hiking, tree climbing, and much more.

On the TTC eight-day tour, visitors can:

  • Experience the Caboclo's culture and the surrounding Amazon rainforest.
  • Learn about survival techniques.
  • Hiking through primary rainforest.
  • Reach the cool waters of a jungle river.
  • Experience a canoe ride through jungle waters.
  • Experience a magnificent sunrise contemplation opportunity from the treetops.
  • Experience assisted tree climbing, with special techniques incorporated to help overweight, physically challenged and elderly explorers join family and friends in the treetops.

The “Ultimate Adventure Tour” offers TTC guests guided nature tours the magnificent Amazon wilderness, safe and comfortable rainforest camping accommodations within the native environment, and opportunities to become an active part of the natural surroundings.

Guests of all ages and physical abilities are guided on an exciting tree climbing adventure that leads to a night in the rainforest treetops—one of TTC’s most popular offerings. Under the watchful eye of expert guides, guests receive thorough instructions in tree climbing techniques. The guide will remains alongside each visitor throughout the ascent into the canopy. From high in the trees, a canvas hammock awaits each guest to rest, relax and observe life from a bird’s eye view.

Meeting the gentle and engaging native residents (including a visit to a local native’s home,) witnessing firsthand some of their customs sharing space with some of the planet’s most amazing wildlife, bird watching, kayaking, piranha fishing, night time alligator observing and much more make this eight-day tour package one for lasting memories, for every member of the family.

“This is a life-changing, customized adventure that is particularly amazing for both beginner and experienced eco tourists,” Principe says. “We provide a remarkable opportunity to see the Amazon Rainforest from its most awe-inspiring vantage points.

Guides and staff speak Portuguese, English, Spanish, French and Italian; guests with special physical challenges are assisted through special techniques and equipment so they can participate fully with no effort.