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Veteran Adventurer Eddie Frank Prepares to Summit Kilimanjaro for the 50th Time

Story by Tusker Trail


Kilimanjaro climbing authority and Tusker Trail Founder announces plans to achieve a major milestone

Lake Tahoe, NV – Eddie Frank, Founder and Owner of Tusker Trail, a world-class adventure travel company that conducts guided Kilimanjaro climbs, is announcing his plans to climb Kilimanjaro for the 50th time in January of 2014. Eddie Frank will be celebrating this remarkable achievement 38 years after he began leading his first guided climb up Mount Kilimanjaro. To commemorate Eddie Frank’s 50th climb, Tusker Trail will be offering climbers the chance to join in on Eddie’s adventure up the Lemosho Route, January 5th-18th, 2014.

Since his very first climb in 1977, Eddie Frank has built the most successful and reputable climbing outfit on Kilimanjaro. Considered to be a true veteran and pioneer in the adventure travel industry, Eddie is an authority on climbing safety, high altitude medical techniques, and Kilimanjaro climbing. He leads 4-5 climbs annually and is consulted regularly by the US Army Special Forces in high altitude techniques and strategies. Accomplishing this 50th climb milestone is both a personal and professional achievement for Eddie Frank.

“The 50th will certainly be easier than the first,” says Eddie Frank, Founder of Tusker Trail. “Yet I look forward to it with the same exuberance as I did with the first.  The challenge for me will be the second 50.”

Born and raised in Africa, Eddie’s vision for the company took root during his early teens when he dreamed of creating a world-class expedition company. Since 1977 when Eddie launched the company and began leading climbs, Tusker Trail has achieved a Kilimanjaro summit rate of 99%---more than double the average on the mountain. And, with a focus on climbing safety, unmatched logistics, and amazing food, Tusker Trail is the true Kilimanjaro climbing authority in the industry.

Tusker Trail’s professional, medically-trained mountain guides monitor climbers every step of the way and are considered to be the best on the mountain, thanks to Eddie Frank’s knowledge and rigorous instruction. Tusker’s guides are drilled and mountain-ready to save lives during high altitude emergencies, using effective medical evacuation techniques. Climbers can be assured that Tusker Trail’s guides receive the most extensive medical training in the business. In addition, the awesome mountain food created by the Culinary Institute of America also contributes to an unparalleled Kilimanjaro climbing experience.

Eddie Frank’s 50th climb is a 14 day itinerary with 10 days of climbing. Price is $5280 per person. To find out more about Eddie Frank’s 50th climb or to join in the adventure, visit here.