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Walking Tour in Greece

Story by The Blue Walk

Posted: March 14, 2020

Our Blue Walk Greece walking tour vacation, mentioned in the Los Angeles Times Travel section, is a perfect blend of the famous, and the undiscovered. We invite you to join us for our first night in Athens with its vibrant city and ancient history. Then unwind for six nights in Amorgos, a remote and little-known gem of an island.  Get you feet in the sand or wander quiet country lanes with two nights to explore Naxos. Walk it’s charming old town, inland villages, and sprawling, white-sand beaches. Finally, conclude your vacation on dazzling Santorini with its cliff-topped villages above the Aegean, copious shopping, and iconic views

Amorgos is covered with view-filled hiking trails, charming little villages with winding old towns, and un-crowded beaches. Little visited, it is full of interesting places to see and a rich history: Ancient Greece had three oracles. The most famous is in Delphi, but the second was found here on Amorgos! Visit a breathtaking monastery built into the side of a cliff centuries ago.  A small herbal distillery produces essential oils from plants harvested on the island. Discover this magical island with us before everyone else does!