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Warm up Add-on Tours Before Any of Our Bike Tours and Hiking Tours

Story by Amity Tours

Posted: December 9, 2013

If you are coming on any of our Bike Tours or Hiking Tours, you can add the Villarrica Volcano Climb add-on tour to your main tour. Most of our Biking and Hiking Tours pass through the beautiful touristy town of Pucon where you will see the most amazing perfect cone shape Volcano. The Villarrica Volcano is one of Chile´s most active volcanoes.

The warm up add-on tour starts early and the climbing takes about 5 hours but once you get to the top…it´s all worth it! The view is magnificent and you will get to see some of the places you will Hike or Bike through for the next week or 2 weeks of your tour with Amity.

Some of our Bike Tours like the Chile- Argentina 8 Days Bike Tour starts in the beautiful small town of Pucon which makes it perfect to be able to climb the Villarrica Volcano as a warm up to your Bike Tour. If you choose this awesome warm up add-on outing to your Bike Tour, you will need to add a few more days. This year we made the 8 days bike tour into an 11 days Bike Tour with the Villarrica Volcano Warm Up.

You can also add this warm up to any of our Hiking tours that start in the Pucon area. A perfect hiking tour to add this warm up to is our Hiking National Parks around Pucon 7 days Tour. If you have a couple extra days to spend in the south of Chile…add the Villarrica Volcano Warm up to this amazing tour and instead of just looking at this staggering volcano from the bottom, enjoy the incredible views from the top!!

Another warm up add-on tour that will be great to add to any of our tours is any of our whitewater activities. From kayaking on some of Chile´s best rivers to going down the river on a Ducky!

Our ducky trips are awesome. If you haven’t been on a kayak for a while or if you were never on a kayak before, this fun inflatable kayak is the best way to experience whitewater if you´re not a kayaker. No previous experience is needed.

The other fun warm up add-on tour will definitely be rafting. Nothing better to start off a tour with some action right away. Our rafting tours take you down one of Chile´s most famous rivers, the Trancura river, a class-4 river.

So if you are planning to come on any of our 8 days Bike Tours or any of our Hike Tours, take off work a couple of extra days and come on one of these awesome warm up add-on tours.