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Word Class Waves in Pichilemu

Story by Chile

Posted: May 9, 2013

Pichilemu must be the destination that brings the most to the table for tourists when it comes to surfing in Chile. It’s a traditional beach resort in the central-south area as one of the world’s richest places in terms of perfect waves that are long, constant, and cold. Virtually all of the vicinity is rural. There are no large cities or ports, just a few factories and a series of coves for local fishers.

Six kilometers farther south lies “Punta de Lobos,” which has become one of Chile’s best beaches for wave seekers. This is where the wave called “Punta de Lobos” originates, where everyday you can see surfers from around the world sliding along tons of salty waters.

For the non surfers among us, the best spot for simply watching these extreme sports lovers is on the right side of the beach, where there is a distinctive ridge of rocks that afford an excellent view from above.

But Punta de Lobos doesn’t have just big waves. There is a wave about a kilometer long with enough space for surfers of all levels, including beginners. At first, you can practice in the area where the waves are small and gradually go on towards the area with outcroppings that is more apt for experts.

A visit to the area offers other activities, all related to sports, such as “La Puntilla” and “Infiernillo.” The coastline can be explored by bicycle and there are preferred routes that are great for kayak rides. Eating establishments generally offer fish and traditional foods that are simple, but tasty and served in large portions.

Some 90 kilometers north of Pichilemu there’s another beach destination that has been highlighted as one of the world’s best for windsurfing and kite surfing. The town of Matanzas has excellent infrastructure for camping along with small, stylish hotels, great cuisine, Chilean wines, and a diverse range of artisan craft beers from different parts of Chile.

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