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Akan Mashu National Park & Beyond

Video by Hokkaido, Japan


All life is connected. And here in Hokkaido, we cannot talk about life without volcanoes. Join us on an adventure into Eastern Hokkaido to see Akan Mashu National Park and its surroundings. Primeval forests with coastline views, crystal clear lakes, natural hot springs, and wildlife from land to water, Eastern Hokkaido boasts a wide variety of things to experience. When looking at life on Hokkaido, Japan's Northernmost island, all life is connected through the volcanoes. Locals have overcome many hardships to live in harmony in this sulfuric volcanic environment. The harmony you will experience is prominently present through the way the locals interact with mother nature that surrounds them. From the Akan Mashu National Park to the Shiretoko coastline you’ll find abundant adventure in all forms. Let’s discover otherworldly landscapes and local culture as you trek, cycle and fish through forests, rivers and lakes.