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Bikes, Booze, Rats & Trash.. a Socially Responsible Tour?

Video by Grasshopper Adventures

Posted: July 3, 2017

The name doesn't exactly evoke images of social responsibility and sustainable tourism, but be ready to be surprised...

Rats, Trash & Booze is the latest and most original bicycle day-tour released in Siem Reap, offering guests a chance to see a side of temple town most visitors miss on their pilgrimage to Angkor Wat.

The journey follows quiet backroads and lanes, off the tourist-trail, to visit a variety of enterprising organisations contributing to the community in a variety of innovative ways.

During the ride we'll visit landmine detecting HEROrats, taste a locally brewed specialties with a modern twist and get a hands on look at waste plastic being turned into surprisingly artistic goods.

In a country full of friendly faces, where so many visitors wish to give back to the community, this new carefully crafted day trip offers the perfect chance to do so responsibly in your own small way.

Visit the tour page or Siem Reap location to find out more.