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Cycling in Portugal

Video by Live Love Ride - Bike Tours in Portugal

Posted: January 26, 2015

Portugal is a great destination to ride, because of its sunny climate, car-free roads, amazing trails and rich history and culture. Here's a video by Live love Ride Portugal on what's it like to ride in Portugal:

- Portugal is considered to be one of the most geographically diverse countries in Europe and home to several UNESCO world heritage sites and traditions.

- The country’s moderate Atlantic climate makes it great for riding in every season. A moderate Autum and Winter is topped by a sunny spring and summer. This makes it a great option as a cycling destination, either to start off your season or just riding throughout the summer.

- Portugal has amazing gastronomy and some of the best wine regions in the world; tourism is one of Portugal’s greatest industries, so the country has amazing infrastructures for tourism, while keeping its heritage, traditional values, arts and crafts and its authenticity.

- Founded in 868, Portugal established its continental frontiers in 1297 and is the oldest nation in Europe. The country was one of the earliest colonising nations of Europe and shares common cultural values and traditions with African, American, and Asian countries, and its language is spoken by about 230 million people worldwide;

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