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Frontiers North Adventures: Legendary Cape Churchill

Video by Frontiers North Adventures


Our Legendary Cape Churchill Expedition is our most exclusive polar bear adventure. Situated in Wapusk National Park, Cape Churchill is where polar bear adventuring in northern Manitoba all began just 30 years ago and Frontiers North is the only company in the world with access to host guests in this iconic destination. A true expedition adventure we travel over the frozen tidal flats of Hudson's Bay taking our Tundra Buggy Lodge with us from Polar Bear Point in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area to Cape Churchill. It's a challenging journey but our destination is well worth the effort it takes to get there. With a landscape that is both breathtaking and harsh Cape Churchill truly encapsulates the realm of the polar bear. Join us on this incredible journey.

Video compiled by HandCraft Creative on Frontiers North's 2013 Legendary Cape Churchill Adventure.