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Japan’s Southern Islands

Video by Hokkaido, Japan


Journey through a variety of islands in Japan’s south getting a taste of each. Enjoy a variety of landscapes, activities, fresh food and the hospitality of the locals. The virtual journey begins on Kyushu Island, the third largest island in Japan. Explore the mythical volcanic mountain, unique local experiences, and outdoor adventures. Yakushima Island is a UNESCO world heritage site -- a smaller, more remote, and otherworldly feeling. The island is renowned for its wildlife and thick cedar forests. While on Yakushima Island you can see Japanese monkeys, yaku shika deer, birds native to Japan and fish like mackerel as you stream climb, similar to canyoning, into the clear Kurio River that flows from Mount Kuromi. The last stop on the virtual island-hopping adventure is Shikoku Island which is the smallest of Japan's major islands and a lesser-known gem for travelers to discover. You’ll cycle from suspension bridges where you feel like you’re flying, to climbing your way on bike to Japan's tallest peak.