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La Guajira Cabo de la Vela, Macuira Park and Punta Gallinas in Colombia

Video by Aventure Colombia

Posted: July 17, 2016

The Department of La Guajira is located in the northwest of Colombia in the Caribbean region. The areas covered by desert run into the Caribbean sea. This amazing place

has an incomparable wealth of images and colors. The landscape is varied, colorful and huge. It is a magical destination where you will witness the most ancient Colombian customs and experience the mystery of Wayuu indigenous communities. You should take a 4X4 from Rioacha or Uribia to visit this desert.

The Cabo de la Vela is a wonderful place with heavenly virgin beaches and an important place in Wayuu mythology, where you can find different holy sites, for example the Kamaichi hill or the Jepirra. This destination has become the ideal scene to practice sport and attracts many athletes interested in Kitesurf and windsurf.

The lush vegetation and biodiversity of Macuira, the most important water source for this area, has a unique ecosystem in Colombia due to the contrast between the mountains, forests and desert areas. This is a real paradise and a mythical place for the Wayuu indigenous community.

In Bahía Hondita and Punta Gallinas you can observe the peculiar rock formations of the cliffs, the mangrove landscapes and the sand dunes such as the Dunes of Taroa, which merge into virgin Caribbean beaches. It is a great spectacle for anyone visiting la Guajira.

La Guajira is an important destination for reptiles and migratory birds. This is the best opportunity to get to know the culture and traditions and enjoy unforgettable landscapes that are unique in the world.