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Tayrona Park - Cabo San Juan and Playa Cristal, Caribbean Coast in Colombia, from above

Video by Aventure Colombia

Posted: November 18, 2016

The Tayrona Park is located on the Colombian Caribbean, approximately 32km from the city of Santa Marta. Its area is 19.256 hectares and we can find an impressive biodiversity there due to the different ecosystems of this area, such as humid tropical forests, cloud forests, etc.

Travelers can practice many different activities there, such as camping, hiking in the different paths of the Park, explore the archeological vestiges of the Tayrona People and see the big stones, a sacred site for indigenous people living in the Park.

The Tayrona beaches are among the 20 most beautiful beaches in the world, a privilege to visit because of the beaches with crystal clear water surrounded by forest and of a variety of ecosystems making this park a unique and unforgettable place.

On this site you can admire the beauty of Tayrona's best known beaches: Cabo San Juan, a magical place where you can enjoy a white sandy beach, clear water and admire the flora and fauna of the Park; it is also an ideal place for camping. Playa Cristal, a place of great ecological importance for the Caribbean, with clear water, white sand and coral reefs, a paradise to practice snorkelling.

It is an ideal place to be in contact with nature, discover the culture and traditions and the best time to rest in the sun, between sea and the unique beaches of Colombia.