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The Coffee region in Colombia, Marsella and Salamina

Video by Aventure Colombia

Posted: November 10, 2016

In the Coffee Region, you can find two villages full of charm: Marsella and Salamina. The most recently founded one, Marsella, dates from the 18th of July 1860 and was once called “Villa Rica de Segovia”. Originally it was occupied by the Quimbaya Indigenous people.

Marsella is located at 1575m altitude in the Risaralda department and the nearby villages are bounded by the Cauca River and San Francisco River. The Quebrada (gorge) el Guayabo, located nearby, has many different species in its waters.

For its part, Salamina, located in the Caldas department, was founded on the 18th of June 1825. Because of its wonderful architecture, the “City of Lights” has been declared a National Monument and Historical Heritage of Humanity. Its little steep streets, its colorful and flowery balconies and its wood carved doors have attracted quite a few visitors. Located at 1775m altitude, the city is surrounded by the Rivers Arma, San Felix, San Lorenzo, Chamberi, Pozo, Pocito and the Quebradas (gorges) of San Antonio and Curubital. They are an essential source of water for domestic and agricultural use.

While visiting the region, you

can enjoy a nice average temperature of 22°C. The economies of Marsella and Salamina, as with most of the cities in the Coffee Region, are based essentially on coffee cultivation. They also cultivate plantain bananas, avocados, citrus fruits, flowers, potatoes, beans, corn, tomatoes and blackberries.

Marsella is located 30km away from the Risaralda department's capital, Pereira, and Salamina is located at 75km from Manizales. The green landscapes from the thousands of plantations alongside the roads of the coffee region will delight you!