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In the crossroads of the Americas lies a country designed for all sorts of adventure. Colombia's geography is so mind-blowingly diverse it's even hard to figure out where to start talking about it. Should it be at the world's oldest mountain formation, which towers imposingly over a lush, undisturbed rainforest? Or perhaps by coursing through one of our countless rivers in the same exhilarating way the adrenaline will through your veins? If you're a lover of surreal landscapes, we've no shortage of those, either – from mesmerizing colors and patterns scattered across stunning desserts, through the cloud forests that veil the tallest palm trees you've ever seen, to the chillingly-beautiful expanse of the paramos that are home to fascinating species and that lead the way to perpetually snow-capped mountains, every corner of our territory is guaranteed to take your breath away (and it won't be due to altitude sickness). We'd also be inclined to tell you all about the steep mountain face of the second-largest canyon in the world, or even the infinitely majestic plains that stretch beyond imagination, but we haven't even gotten to the myriad treasures hidden both along the beaches and underneath the waves in the two oceans that bathe Colombia's shores...

We could go on forever, but, truth is, we'd much rather not spoil the surprise


Adventure Highlights

Wonderful extreme sports in Santander or Tobia (rafting, torrentism, mountain bike, canopy, paragliding, caving). Guejar river Canyon in Meta (rafting, torrentism).

Challenging climbing experiences in Suesca, Machetá, La Mojarra and Florian.

Astonishing trekking in Sierra Nevada or Mavecure.

Hikes in search of poison frogs in Choco.

Overflights to Serranía de Chiribiquete, the largest biodiversity reserve in Colombia on a continental level, declared a mixed world heritage of humanity.

Wildlife watching in Meta region with the comfort of unique lodges in one of the most biodiverse countries of the world.

The Colombian Coffee region was included in the list of cultural heritage of humanity.

Cycling in mythical and challenging scenarios that can improve your physical capabilities and understand why Colombian athletes have won the most important competitions worldwide.


Interesting Facts

  • Currently the country is number one in diversity of birds and orchids and second in diversity of plants, amphibians, fish and butterflies.
  • Between July and November humpback or yubarta whales arrive in the Colombian Pacific coast to give birth.
  • The old Providence barrier reef alone is 32 km long and covers an area of 255 Km2 making it one of the largest coral reefs in the Americas.
  • Bird watching in a heritage destination such as the Coffee Region, combined with the experience of enjoying the smoothest coffee in the world make a truly unique experience.
  • Tuparro Park has four different ecosystems and has been declared national monument and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.
  • Colombia has mythical destinations for cycling, such as Alto de Letras, which has a much higher altitude than the most iconic peaks of the main international competitions. Alto de Letras stands at almost 3,700 m.s.n.m
  • In Colombia, athletes can train in height but also in low, and in very different climates. The mere fact of being able to be one day at 900 meters above sea level. and the next day being at 3,200 is already a challenge.
  • Colombia has a perfect climate all year round so tourists from different parts of the world can always experience warm climates.
  • Colombia is a country with a great variety of rivers with very special characteristics that make it a must-see destination for nature lovers. In the Amazon (the largest river in the world) Caño Cristales (rainbow river), Antioquia and Caldas, have crystalline rivers surrounded by exuberant and unique vegetation.
  • Colombia is surrounded by three huge mountains which split the country into five natural regions: Andes, Pacific, Caribbean, Amazon, and the Llanos (plains). These regions offer an impressive range of climates and beautiful landscapes at varying altitudes.

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