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Japan is an island country stretching from north to south. Visitors to Japan can enjoy a wide variety of activities in the rich natural environments that intertwine the diverse climates and complex terrains of the islands.

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Located in the northernmost reaches of Japan, surrounded by abundant oceans on every side, Hokkaido is home to a unique range of flora and fauna. Blessed with nature, the particular ecosystems that have formed here are distinct from those of Japan’s main island of Honshu.

Furthermore, this is a land in which you can experience Ainu and Jomon cultures, while enjoying the culinary bounties of nature; cuisine made with ample use of fresh, high quality ingredients sourced from the island’s farms and fisheries. With this in mind, we truly believe Hokkaido to be a land uniquely suited to adventure travel.

Hokkaido, Japan

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Eastern Hokkaido — The Wild Frontier

Through sea, river, and land, welcome to eastern Hokkaido — a region that still runs wild. Join this virtual adventure and get transported through places like Shiretoko National Park and Abashiri Quasi-National Park and learn more about conservation, sustainability, and wildlife that call these parts home.


Japan’s Southern Islands

Journey through a variety of islands in Japan’s south getting a taste of each. Enjoy a variety of landscapes, activities, fresh food and the hospitality of the locals. The virtual journey begins on Kyushu Island, the third largest island in Japan.


Southern Hokkaido

In Southern Hokkaido, national parks and nature are centered upon the volcanoes. With a history of eruptions, life here has learned to thrive.


Daisetsuzan National Park

Daisetsuzan National Park is the largest national park in Japan with a variety of adventures to be had, onsen culture from its history to etiquette and elements of the Ainu language and culture along the way.


Akan Mashu National Park & Beyond

All life is connected. And here in Hokkaido, we cannot talk about life without volcanoes. Join us on an adventure into Eastern Hokkaido to see Akan Mashu National Park and its surroundings.


South & Central Hokkaido

In this virtual adventure, we experience both culture and nature from historical structures in Sapporo which is intertwined with nature leading from the mountains to the sea and eventually learning in-depth about Ainu culture.


Mainland Japan & Mt Fuji

Inward adventure and transformational travel take center stage in mainland Japan, where we meet locals making a real impact in their communities, encounter and learn about age-old spiritual traditions.


Northern Hokkaido

Dive deep into the culture of northern Hokkaido by seeing first hand the sustainability efforts that are being enacted across Hokkaido while also experiencing different adventures across Northern Japan.


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