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More Than Adventure

Welcome to this destination series featuring untold stories from Japan. Here, we spotlight the exquisite and unmatched harmony of nature and culture that can only be found in Japan. Join ten travel journalists spanning regions as they share personal stories about experiencing Japan's unique adventure landscape. Discover some of the core elements that make Japan such an extraordinary destination: its diverse nature and stunning landscapes, exquisite cuisine, welcoming and hospitable people, and knowledgeable guides.


The Heartbeat

The Community & Culture of Japan

GO BEYOND SURFACE OBSERVATIONS...and find where the landscapes whisper stories of resilience and innovation, where life on the edge of a volcano reveals unique ways of life, and the warmth of genuine Japanese hospitality echoes across every tale. Delve into the essence of rural Japan with the stories of the vibrant culture and local communities, where rich history, cultural expressions, age-old traditions, and passionate entrepreneurs become living testaments to the coexistence, where community life intertwines with the breathtaking beauty of the natural surroundings.

Land of Waves

Sherry Ott recounts her transformative journey along Japan's Michinoku Coastal Trail, reflecting on the region's resilience, recovery from the 2011 tsunami, and the profound connections forged through adventure tourism, exploring the contrast between nature as both a destroyer and healer, ultimately leaving an indelible mark on her travel memories.

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The Volcano Giveth

Norie Quintos explores life on Japan's Kyushu Island, delving into the coexistence with active volcanoes, sustainable practices, and the resilience of communities shaped by both destruction and the gifts of nature.

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Japan's Tropical Paradise

Gabby Beckford explores the hidden facets of Okinawa, unveiling its diverse landscapes, multicultural cuisine, historical depth, and the warm hospitality of its people, showcasing a unique travel experience beyond typical tourist attractions.

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Wilderness Wonders

Discover Japan's Nature

JAPAN'S UNSPOILED NATURAL WONDERS...offer incredible experiences, from waterfall meditations to fishing lines cast on clear streams and endangered owl encounters to technically challenging hikes on active volcanoes with unforgettable panoramic vistas. Japan's diverse and stunning scenery is unveiled as travel journalists take on the rugged terrains, ancient forests, and coastal havens that define the country's natural allure. Discover a place where it's not just about scenery; it's about connecting with nature in its purest form.

Takigyo: Waterfall Meditation

Éva Kisgyörgy recounts an unexpected spiritual journey in Nagano, Japan, experiencing the ancient takigyo ritual under Mount Ontake's Kiyotaki Falls, providing insight into the region's sacred traditions and the transformative power of nature.

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Adventure Along An Active Volcano

Embark on off-the-beaten-path adventures in Japan's Lake Akan region with writer Karthika Gupta, experiencing a perfect blend of cultural immersion, nature exploration, amidst stunning landscapes, mountains, forests, and hot springs.

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Good Feelings Abound

Embark on a serene cycling journey through Shikoku Island, exploring its scenic landscapes, ancient traditions, and culinary delights, as recounted by Claudia Laroye.

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Guiding Excellence

Introducing The Tour Guides of Japan

AN EXCELLENT TOUR GUIDE CAN BRIDGE A DEEPER CONNECTION... to a destination through their unique stories and perspectives - illuminating the soul of the destination by sharing valuable insights travelers might otherwise miss. Beyond technical abilities, these passionate hosts illustrate Japan's commitment to sustainability. With each step, they highlight the scenic beauty and the intricate harmony between humans and nature. These guides are more than storytellers; they are champions of responsible travel, ensuring that what travelers witness today endures for ears to come and embracing adventure.

Whispers of Yakushima

Explore the enchanting wonders of Yakushima through the eyes of nature guide Junichi, as shared by Hendrik Morkel, and discover the island's ancient cedars, pristine streams, and a commitment to sustainable living.

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Through Lens and Line

Embark on a transformative journey of fly fishing in Hokkaido with travel writer Leslie Hsu Oh, exploring the enchanting wonders of Shiretoko, encountering the world's largest owl, and discovering the intersection of adventure travel, sustainability, and indigenous communities.

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Pedals Peaks and Past

Discover the enchanting landscapes, rich history, and cultural wonders of Japan's Shizuoka region as Jonny Bierman takes you on a thrilling biking journey, explores an ancient samurai residence, and introduces you to passionate locals dedicated to preserving their heritage.

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Beyond the Plate

Gastronomic Wonders of Japan

IN JAPANESE CULTURE, EVERY DISH TELLS A STORY...Meet the Japanese entrepreneurs pioneering a sustainable culinary future while embracing traditional farming methods. Their commitment extends beyond the plate, shaping a sustainable ecosystem that honors local ingredients and supports local communities. From local venison to the art of wasabi harvesting, these entrepreneurs cultivate not just ingredients but a sustainable legacy, showcasing how gastronomy can intertwine tradition, innovation, and a commitment to a thriving future. Japan's gastronomy is a celebration of ingenuity, tradition, and a sustainable future.

Future Foodways

Tami Fairweather introduces the innovative ways Shimokawa, Hokkaido integrates sustainability into its cuisine, featuring vegan delights by chef Chikako Nakatani and locally sourced venison specialties, all part of Shimokawa's visionary plan for a self-sustaining future.

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Volcano Giveth

Norie Quintos unfolds Kyushu's distinctive flavors, from locally-sourced vegan delicacies like shiitake mushroom gyoza to artisanal shiitake mushrooms grown on traditional sawtooth oak logs, offering a feast of sustainable and mouthwatering delights.

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Pedals Peaks and Past

Delve into the delectable culinary treasures of Japan's Shizuoka region with Jonny Bierman, as he savors the delicate flavors of organic wasabi, indulges in renowned sake, and joins a sustainable tourism leader for a moonlit barbeque.

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Photos courtesy Hassen Salum, Kristen Kellogg, and Gabby Beckford.

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