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Take your travels on the road with K-Outdoor activities - Break away from your typical tourist attraction and experience a unique outdoor activity. There is no comparison to the thrill of climbing a mountain of moderate difficulty and taking in a stunning view of the city below. Create your own landscape painting with a bicycle ride along a river or lake, your two feet pedaling vigorously against the wind. Or forever ingrain the mountains, fields, and seas of Korea in your heart as you walk a nature trail in silence. Whether you hike, cycle, or trek, elevate your trip to Korea and create memories you won’t soon forget.


11 Outdoor places & activities in Korea

Hiking Korean Mountains

Korea is a land of mountains, with 70% of the country made up of them. Go to any city in Korea, and there is a mountain nearby. They are easily accessible by subway, and you can reach the peak in just a few hours, making this a journey as easy as it is rewarding. With a bird’s eye view overlooking the city, you get a perspective of Korea that is unmatched. Experience the history and culture of Korea through its mountains.

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Cycling into the beautiful Nature

Among Western travelers, Korea is known as “the heaven of bicycle travel.” Traveling by bicycle is perfect for a trip because you can see both local attractions and beautiful scenic spots along bicycle paths across the country. Moreover, rental bikes are available throughout the country so you don’t even need your own. Discover every corner of Korea on a leisurely bicycle trip, and uncover hidden pleasures you may have otherwise missed.

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Trekking in Korea

In Korea, there are about 2,000 trekking courses, with winding trails that are easily accessible. Discover the nature, history, and culture of a region by walking its various themed paths, from mountain trails to seaside promenades, fortress roads to even pilgrimage routes, found in every corner of the country. From city alleys to fields, mountains, and seas, let the country’s colorful roads guide you to a Korea beyond your imagination.

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Templestay is a wonderful way to recharge yourself. The sound of wind chimes resonates within the tranquil temple grounds, rendering peace in the hearts of temple visitors. Templestay is a unique opportunity to experience Korean Buddhism, its daily lifestyle, rituals and spirituality. It generally entails staying at a Buddhist temple and engaging in daily monastic activities. Today, templestay is considered one of the most popular programs among locals and foreigners for experiencing Korean Buddhism.

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Getbol Korean Tidal Flats

Korean tidal flats, called getbol, are home to more than 2,000 living organisms including 27 types of migratory birds. The tidal flats are an important stopover point for migratory birds from South Asia and Oceania. Four tidal flats - Seocheon, Gochang, Shinan, and Boseong-Suncheon - spread across five city jurisdictions and were designated as a Wetlands Protection Area for showing high levels of biodiversity. These tidal flats were also designated as World Natural Heritage in 2021.

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Yangyang in Gangwon-do is a popular summer retreat among Koreans for its beautiful coastal scenery. In particular, it became known as a hot spot among surfing enthusiasts after the opening of a beach exclusively for surfing! Head off for a hot summer full of fun at Yangyang’s Surfyy Beach.

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Winter Sports

Korea is gifted with mountain terrains and the perks of winter. In particular, Gangwon-do and the outskirt regions of Seoul are great places to enjoy winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding as they receive the most annual snowfall. Ski resorts in Korea offer slopes for a variety of skill levels, from absolute beginners to experts. Many resorts also offer nighttime skiing for a full day of fun.

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Scuba Diving

Recognized for its rich biological species and unique ecosystem, Jeju Island was designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2002. In particular, the island has soft coral colonies known as the “flowers of the sea,” forming a spectacular view. Since it is an area where warm currents flow, you can see subtropical fish all year round, making it a popular scuba diving point. The island is uninhabited, but it is not desolate because of the many divers who visit.

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UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage: Culture of Jeju Haenyeo

Jeju Island takes pride in its haenyeo culture, recognized as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2016. Learn about this brave group of marine women and appreciate Jeju Island's unique beauty and nature. Experience the island's splendor through the story of Jeju haenyeo.

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Peaceful Valleys and Waterfalls

Summer in South Korea can be hot, but there are nearby cool and beautiful places to visit. With numerous mountains, the region boasts forest valleys and waterfalls. These valleys offer hiking paths, swimming spots, local cuisine, and various accommodation options, from camping to traditional housing. Ideal for beating the heat.

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Seoul 100K Trail Running Race

SEOUL 100K is the world's most unique international ultra trail-running event where you can meet forests, mountains, rivers, and fortress walls in the city of Seoul. Enjoy and hope to take the chance running the biggest trail running event, where you can feel the nature in the city of SEOUL with 10 million people.

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