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Surprising, diverse and full of contrasts - Spanish nature has a wonderful effect on you. Natural landscapes that make you breathe in deeply and forget about your worries, leaving you to enjoy nothing but the moment. Mountains, volcanoes, wetlands, forests, rivers, valleys, cliffs, lakes...just some of the many different environments in Spain to make you feel brand new. Unique and different natural spaces. You have to see it to believe it.



Cabañeros National Park

The best example of Mediterranean forests. Located in the Montes de Toledo region, between the Ciudad Real and Toledo provinces, Cabañeros encompasses the most varied aspects of the Mediterranean ecosystem. From the autumnal bellows of the deer, to the majestic flight of the golden eagle, the park is full of natural wonders. Oaks, holm oaks and cork trees combine to create a landscape where the fauna are literally at home, and we are their occasional guests.

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Picos de Europa National Park

The mountains and forests of the brown bear Spread across the provinces of Asturias, Cantabria and León, the Picos de Europa National Park is a perfect example of an Atlantic ecosystem. Packed with oak and beech groves, the park takes its name from the impressive rock formations here. It is also home to two of the most emblematic animals to live in Spain: the brown bear and the Iberian wolf... plus so much more.

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Spain's Greenways, rail trails through nature

The Greenways are abandoned railway lines converted to trails, perfect for hiking or cycling in a natural setting. Why? Because they are easily accessible paths, comfortable for walking or cycling at any age or fitness level; no motor vehicles are allowed on them, they go through beautiful landscapes, and bring us to locations rich in culture.

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The Ebro Delta, incredibly flat, is perfect to be discovered by bike, at a leisurely pace. Discover the deserted beaches, the immens river and the lagoons, great number of birds, extensive rice fields and everything that surrounds the Mediterranean Sea under skies painted with endless colours. Join this unforgettable trip full of natural and gastronomic attractions with a gentle climate all year round, where you will feel at home thanks to the welcoming character of its people. Ebro Delta, a paradise for ecotourists. 

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La Palma Biosphere Reserve brings together a wonderful collection of natural features that make it an amazing island. An extensive network of hiking trails, spectacular landscapes, volcanos, native fauna and flora, its spectacular landscapes and its clean skies as Starlight Tourist Destination make La Palma one of the best places to develop ecotourism experiences linked to astrotourism: trekking routes, night photography; themed routes, camping under the stars and much more. Enjoy the universe from La Palma. Photo © Saúl Santos

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Menorca, Biosphere Reserve since 1993, is renowned for its authenticity and for being a global benchmark in sustainability, nature conservation and ecotourism matter: nature and marine environment observation, walking routes in the most rural and unknown landscapes, Mediterranean gastronomy with many restaurants Km0, astrotourism, photo tourism or experiences to discover our traditional crafts and local products. Take advantage of the gift of Menorca: its essence.

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With its more than 1,000 kilometers of trails and paths, the Natural Park Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche has become one of the main destinations in southern Spain for walking routes. its variety is endless: trails through centuries-old trees, traditions and customs handed down through the generations, white villages scattered between the mountains, mycology routes or routes to know its native flora are waiting to be discovered by the walker. Photo © Jorge Garrido

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Delve into the land of a thousand rivers, fountains and waterfalls, going through an authentic ecotourism experience through centuries-old forests that take us back in time, when the Galician economy and culture revolved around the mills. A unique experience in the As Mariñas Coruñesas Biosphere Reserve, where nature, cultural heritage, ethnography and gastronomy are guaranteed.

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Imposing red stone walls, endless ravines, native flora and fauna in the middle of the desert and a blue Mediterranean sky. No, we are not describing the Grand Canyon, but the Rambla de los Yesos in the Sierra Nevada Natural Park in Almeria. Sometimes it is not necessary to get on a long plane trip to do a route through the “far far West”.

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The Geopark Molina Alto Tajo presents a total geographical and landscape continuity A well preserved area where man and nature coexist in balance, which has allowed us to enjoy ecotourism experiences: geological itineraries, nature interpretation and flora and fauna observation in important areas for fauna and flora such as lagoons, waterfalls or forests. We won’t explain more, come and discover it by yourself!

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Imagine a world in which the Earth speaks its own language. Mysterious mountains, prehistoric caves, lush green valleys and fishing villages in which tradition remains very much alive. And above all, the flysch cliffs: 13 kilometres of stunning coastline along the Bay of Biscay; a capricious millefeuille of rock layers which contain the secrets to some of the most fascinating periods in our planet's history, including the extinction of the dinosaurs. But don't just imagine it - come and see it for yourself. Come to the Basque Coast and immerse yourself in geology, culture, nature and heritage.

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