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Tierra del Fuego

Tierra del Fuego is an expansive archipelago shared by Chile and Argentina. Nicknamed “The End of the World” for being the terminus region of the South American continent, Tierra del Fuego is a refuge for wildlife—humpback whales, king penguins, elephant seals, and more—and rugged, majestic nature with snow-capped glacial peaks in easy sight. Sparsely populated, it a mecca for those looking to be entwined with the wild. Hop aboard an adventure cruise, a 4x4, a kayak or a helicopter, and go exploring.

Main Photo © ATTA / Hassen Salum

Adventure Highlights

Mingle with the namesake residents at King Penguin Park

Sail the Beagle Channel while being on the lookout for sea lions

Explore the backcountry by 4x4

Go kayaking amongst the humpback whales in the Strait of Magellan Park

Hike to the peak of Cerro Pietro Grande to take in the 360-degree views of Tierra Del Fuego

Visit southern elephant seal colony at Jackson’s Bay

Visit the Tierra del Fuego National Park

Ski at the end of the world on the Andean slopes

© ATTA / Hassen Salum

10 Interesting Things

  • Tierra Del Fuego is an archipelago, 73,746 square km in size, sparsely populated, shared by Chile and Argentina. It is made up of one big island, five medium-sized islands, and several small islands and inlets.
  • Tierra Del Fuego means “Land of Fire” in Spanish. European Explorers named the archipelago after seeing the fires on the mainland passing by on their ships. These fires were lit by Selk’nam and Yaghan people who wore little clothing and used fires to keep warm.
  • The first indigenous peoples arrived here 8000 years ago. The Yaghan and Selk’nam are descendents of those people.
  • The Andes mountain range, the longest continental mountain range in the world, starts at the Cape Horn headland in Chilean Tierra Del Fuego.
  • Glacial topography dominates the Northern part of the main island, consisting of fjords, glaciers, lakes and moraines.
  • Tierra Del Fuego is cool in the summertime and cold in the winter.
  • There’s only a 7-km tourist train in Tierra del Fuego, and the roads are rugged, lending to an adventurous experience aboard boats, 4x4s, and small planes.
  • The Rio Grande and Lake Faganano (Kami Lake) are renowned fly fishing spots for fishing trout and salmon.
  • Although limited in diversity, the wildlife is abundant at the end of the world. Spot Magellanic woodpeckers, condors, Austral parakeets, guanacos, Patagonian foxes, beavers, king penguins, humpback whales and more.
  • Mount Darwin is the tallest peak in Tierra del Fuego, in Chile, standing at the height of 2,438 meters in the Andean mountain range.

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