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50 Degrees North

Nordic Destination Specialist - Iceland, Scandinavia, Greenland & Arctic

About 50 Degrees North

50 Degrees North is a niche, independently owned, specialist travel company. We exclusively specialise on the regions beyond the 50th parallel north; Scandinavia, Iceland Greenland, Finland, the Arctic, Russia, Mongolia, Kamchatka and the Baltics.  Our founder, Tietse Stelma, is Norwegian with over 20 years experience with experiential travel worldwide, and with a strong affiliation and personal affection for the high northern region.

We offer incredible experiences in the Northern Winter – Aurora Borealis being a huge ‘bucket list’ item. Coupled with adventure activities such as dogsledding, reindeer herding, skiing, ice fishing, this area is a fantastic region to visit. Our staff, based in Norway, Vancouver & Melbourne, are all Scandinavians and offer you expert advice and support.

We also offer tailor made itineraries for the Scandinavian summer and specialise in getting you off the beaten track. Hiking in the Faroe Islands, kayaking in the Lofoten Islands of Norway, local ferries in Greenland, all are included in our programs. Bike touring is also popular in these regions and as keen cyclists and hikers, we welcome fellow adventurers to check our website.

50 Degrees North also follows along the 50th parallel, into Russia, Mongolia, Siberia, Kamchatka and the Russian Arctic. Hiking up Volcanoes and seeing brown bears in Kamchatka is easier and closer than you think. Get away from the crowds and see something really unique with 50 Degrees North.


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Our Destinations

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Dogsledding in Greenland


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