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A new way of traveling by bike

About Bikeit

Bikeit is the perfect online booking platform for all types of cycle tourists, whether you are looking for a sporty and adventurous experience or a relaxing and contemplative cycling holiday.

If you are an experienced cycle-tourist looking for demanding routes and challenges within your reach, you will find numerous proposals on Bikeit to suit your needs.

If, on the other hand, you have recently decided to enter the world of cycle touring, so you think you are still a beginner, or you are simply looking for an alternative and healthier way to discover new places, Bikeit also has plenty of options for you.

Don't waste any more time, choose the bike route that suits your level of experience and physical condition.

What is included in your bike trip?

In each Bikeit bike tour, you will find all the specifications and details about what is included, not included or optional within your package.

Usually included in the package for your cycling holiday is:

  • Hotel accommodation, in a single, double or triple room depending on the number of participants;
  • Luggage transport from hotel to hotel;
  • Detailed travel documents (maps, route description, places, important telephone numbers);
  • Telephone assistance for the duration of the tour.

For all other elements, be sure to check carefully in the specifications of the bike itinerary you choose, because in every bike tour the options may vary.

When booking, you will find some optional elements to make your cycling trip complete and comfortable, such as:

  • The rental and choice of bike, with accessories;
  • Multisport damage and accident insurance;
  • Transfers from the airport or stations to the departure and arrival points.

Book your bike trip with Bikeit

How does Bikeit work?

With Bikeit you can choose the bike trip that suits you best, choosing from numerous bike routes in Italy and abroad.

  1. Compare bike itineraries: browse the extensive catalogue of around 100 bike tours worldwide and find the one that best suits your level and needs.
  2. Choose your adventure: once you have found your ideal biking itinerary, take a look at the product sheet with all the features and details of your biking trip.
  3. Select your bike: when purchasing your trip, you can choose whether to include bike rental or choose to bring your own bike.

From a passion for snow to a love of two wheels

From a passion for snow to a love of two wheels: this is how Bikeit emerged from the experience of Snowit, the online platform that revolutionized the booking of winter services. Now, we are ready to do the same with bike touring!

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