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Indigenous Kokoda Adventures

Authentic Indigenous Trekking on the Kokoda Track

About Indigenous Kokoda Adventures

Papua New Guinea’s First Indigenous-Led, 100% Authentic Trekking Experience on the Kokoda Track

Authenticity. Adventure. Challenge. Sustainable.

If you are up for an absolutely authentic travel adventure, we are waiting for you.We are Indigenous Kokoda Adventures, the first Indigenous owner/tour operator of Papua New Guinea offering multi-day treks along the Kokoda Track. We provide a challenging yet safe way for trekkers to engage in a life-changing journey while at the same time ensuring that proceeds from tour fees are put back to work in our villages and communities along the Track. Your fees go to the upgrading of our infrastructure such as schools, school libraries and medical clinics.  We also ensure that our porters and guides are paid a competitive wage and receive employment benefits that so many people take for granted but are not usually provided.

Our porters, guides and historians of Indigenous Kokoda Adventures, are very experienced in successfully guiding trekkers along the Track and this experience has been obtained while working for foreign tour operators for many years. As the direct descendants of the original Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels, they made the decision that it was time to step up to reclaim their heritage and legacy. They have lived on the Track for generations. The Kokoda Track is their home. For these reasons we know we can offer a trip that no one else can.

The original Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels: during World War 2, the local villagers stepped up to help the Australian soldiers fight off the Japanese soldiers along the Track. It was an extremely difficult, bloody battle lasting many months and sadly resulted in much loss of life on all sides. The Australian soldiers were so grateful for the unwavering support and care provided by our forefathers that they called them their ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels’. The bonds between the soldiers and the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels were so strong that they persist to this day among the descendants.

What is the Kokoda Track?

The Kokoda Track (or Trail as it is sometimes called), is a single-file, 96 km track that runs through the Owen Stanley Range in Papua New Guinea. It runs from Owers’ Corner to the village of Kokoda and reaches an altitude of 2190 metres at the peak of Mount Bellamy. The track can be challenging particularly for non-villagers, with hot humid days and colder nights with rainfall sometimes thrown in as well.

For as challenging as the Track and the elements can be, Papua New Guinea offers adventure travelers a chance to see untouched tropical rainforests, rare birds and wildlife seen only in this part of the world, war relics (for history buffs) and an opportunity to meet a people waiting for the world to come to say hello. Pristine beaches, scuba diving, cultural festivals and hiking are only a few of the other things available here and Indigenous Kokoda Adventures is more than happy to help you extend your visit to Papua New Guinea by assisting you with booking other activities to extend your exploration of our country after your trek is completed. We also offer custom excursions by helicopter to remote villages where an opportunity is provided to interact with a people that normally do not see many outside people.

As Indigenous tourism expands across the globe, it is providing travelers seeking authentic, sustainable adventure travel with an opportunity to learn about forgotten history, culture and communities not usually visited by the outside world. Authentic sustainable adventure travel has the power to change perspectives and open new worlds. The Indigenous peoples of Papua New Guinea and specifically Indigenous Kokoda Adventures are now standing up and taking their rightful place as members of a country with a rich history in Indigenous culture and tradition, yet unspoiled so far by the modern world.

We urge you to add Papua New Guinea and the Kokoda Track to your travel destination list of possibilities. We, Indigenous Kokoda Adventures, are ready to welcome you to our home and would like to offer you an opportunity to learn firsthand about our unique culture that is not seen anywhere else in this world.

For more details about us and the trips we offer, please visit our website at: or email us at: [email protected] For media inquiries, please email us at [email protected] 

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