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About Mongolia Quest

When you come to Mongolia, let us share with you what Mongolia is truly about, what Mongolians are about. The true value of the country is not in its fancy hotels and restaurants brimming with western food but in meeting real Mongolians, hearing their stories and living the life of a nomad! There are many stories to be told and roads to be travelled here in the land of Genghis Khan.

For over 30 years, Mongolia Quest has been crafting extraordinary journeys, making us a trusted name in Mongolian travel. We're on a continuous quest to expand our horizons and offer a diverse range of unique experiences, tailored to individual travelers and groups. Join us on an unforgettable adventure.

  • Active Adventures: Choose from thrilling activities, from horseback riding to camel trekking and overland adventures.
  • Cultural Explorations: Immerse yourself in Mongolia's heritage, visit nomadic encampments, and experience age-old traditions.
  • Wildlife Safaris: Encounter unique wildlife, including snow leopards and Pallas's cats. 
  • Educational Travel: Participate in scientific programs and support research projects with Mongolia's Academy of Science. 
  • Special Projects: More personal and specific, such as filming logistics, meeting shaman practitioners for a personal healing or exploring the lesser-known historic sites, special project arrangements can ensure you have the maximum opportunity to meet your travel goals. 

Let's embark on an adventure of a lifetime, customized to your interests and passions. Your journey, your story, begins here with Mongolia Quest

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Our Activities

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Our Destinations

  • Asia
  • Eastern Asia
  • Mongolia
Legendary Flaming Cliffs in the South Gobi province, Mongolia
Snow Leopard of Mongolia


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