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Polar Latitudes- Antarctica

Small Ship Antarctic Expedition Adventures in Comfort and Style

About Polar Latitudes- Antarctica

We decided early on that our mission would be to provide travelers to Antarctica with “best in class” experiences. To that end, we sought out the best guides, naturalists, and expedition crew members we had worked with over the years, and began persuading them to join us. At the same time, we began an intensive search for the best possible vessel. There are many ways to encounter the Antarctic: From the deck of a small expeditionary ship, in a Zodiac or a kayak, or camping overnight along the shore. Our goal was to acquire a ship that would act as a platform for these experiences without sacrificing the comfort and ease that you would enjoy at a fine boutique hotel.

I’m thrilled to say that Polar Latitudes has become the company we envisioned. Our vessels, the Hebridean Sky & Island Sky boast a level of comfort and safety unmatched in polar waters. Our world-class team has developed programs for both first-time visitors and those returning for a deeper exploration, and our onboard staff stands ready to fulfill their mission, to create and lead superior polar expedition cruises with a focus on you, our guest.

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Polar Latitudes - Whale Science Voyage March 2 2019


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