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Bike tours Portugal

About Top Bike tours Portugal

Founded in 2013, Fold n 'Visit is a very young company with experience in pedestrian and cycling tours in Porto, and long distance cycling routes. Our activities are coordinated by tourism professionals, with a huge knowledge of heritage and sports

What do we do? Top Bike tour is a provider of holiday’s packages and routes, which offers an incredible holiday experience, entertainment and leisure activities based on quality and value. Our main product, Cycling Holidays, is a service, guided or unguided, over a week, behaving cycling holiday packages based on luxury accommodation and some meals. This tested package encompasses not only bicycle shed, but also places great emphasis on history, architecture, cuisine and local oenology.

We are here to ensure you have the best vacation possible! We know that everyone is different and individual, with different needs, goals and expectations. Even so, we believe that with our experience, we are able to achieve satisfaction with their needs, goals and expectations!

Our audience target is for enthusiastic cyclists that are seeking for nature sightseeing, history, architecture, cuisine and local oenology.  Our routes can be smooth and easy or difficult and adds to the challenge.

The combined experience of our team allows us to combine cycling with the historical component and gastronomy. Connoisseurs of excellent hotel services and catering, paths and landscapes that surprise and exceeded expectations.    

Our most wanted bike tour is the Santiago de Compostela bicycle route.

Although of that we operate all around Portugal.




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Our Activities

  • Bicycling
  • Cross-Country/Touring
  • Mountain

Our Destinations

  • Europe
  • Portugal
  • Southern Europe
  • Spain
The second and third largest cities of Portugal joined by bike
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