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Theresa Jackson

Exceptional custom Experiential and Adventure journeys. #TravelforGood

About Me

Theresa Jackson

I am passionate about the DEEP DIVE into cultural immersion, experiences that connect you on a personal level to the destination, and any level of adventure you desire. My company is based on the principles of sustainability that preserve the environment, community and economic well-being of the places to which you travel. #TravelforGood makes the world a better place! I developed this principle because people want MORE from their travels than just a box to check. And I want to make sure you come home with pictures and memories that mean everything to you!

About Enlightened Journeys Travel

Enlightened Journeys Travel

Enlightened Journeys Travel was founded on the belief that travel benefits not only the traveler, but the places visited as well. We are 6 years old and before we even took our first client, I curated a Rolodex of top partners and experts worldwide with whom I could create unique exquisite hand-crafted journeys. My goal each time is to design an experiential adventure for couples, families, groups and solo travelers that resonates for them on a personal level, fills their souls, and creates memories of a lifetime.

My Accreditations

  • IATA

Other Accreditations

2017 Ambassador of Change for Sustainable tourism

My Destinations

  • Africa
  • Eastern Africa
  • Middle Africa
  • Southern Africa