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A small country in North Africa, Tunisia has always managed to preserve its legendary hospitality and its sweet way of life. Images come to mind when we talk about it: white houses, the ever-present sun, tea with pine nuts or orange blossom coffee as a welcome, smiles, oases, and the poetry of Tunisians always eager to bring beauty to everyday life.

In terms of landscapes, it is known and recognized for its beaches and the numerous hotels that line them; 1300 kilometers of coastline certainly don't go unnoticed! Much less known are its inland areas and historical heritage! In more remote places, age-old traditions persist through magnificent craftsmanship. Exploring them leads to unique encounters.

A new wind is blowing over the country, finally turning towards its natural treasures, opening new paths to explore mountains, caves, the gates of the Sahara, still-preserved wilderness, and confidential archaeological sites.

Hospitality takes an alternative form with the construction of eco-lodges using ancestral building techniques. Outdoor activities are gaining popularity: spelunking, hiking, mountain biking, and a whole generation of nature guides trained by experts. This land, filled with light and hidden treasures, finally offers explorer-travelers a range of sports and multiple discoveries. Welcome to a Tunisia off the beaten path, against the current, more authentic.


Adventure.Travel traveled to Tunisia to explore the adventures that await us. There, we found delicious food, warm hospitality, and a generous share of adventure that most foreigners never get the chance to see.

4 Adventure Centers in Tunisia



Northwest Tunisia

Map of the Kef Region

Located about a hundred kilometers from the capital, Tunis, Northwestern Tunisia is full of lesser-known lands rich in history. The city of Kef nestles at an altitude of over 600 meters, and it is not without charm with its multi-level construction. The view from its Ottoman fortress is breathtaking. A vast mountainous territory, the peaks of the Atlas range can reach over 1000 meters and are covered with a thick forest of pine, cork oak, and holm oak trees. Rivers and lakes formed by dams abound. People come to Kef to experience its pure air, hike in pristine nature, engage in trail running on the Tunisian Dorsale, especially on the Jugurtha Table, explore the pine woods, and relax along a river or on the shores of the lake in the Nebeur forest. Not to forget its Roman archaeological sites like Althiburos, which recall Tunisia's rich history.



Northeast Tunisia

Map of Zaghoun

Charming Zaghouan, which celebrates the wild rose (ancestor of the rose) every year, once again proves that Tunisia is much more than its beaches. Just 50 km from Tunis, the city is dominated by the mountain Djebel Zaghouan, part of the Tunisian Dorsale. A paradise for spelunkers, they come from around the world to explore multiple caves, many of which remain unexplored. It is the birthplace of renowned spelunkers who learned from the best. A must-visit, the Temple of Waters, dating back to the Roman era, is the origin of the Zaghouan aqueduct. Completely disconnected from tourist tumults, numerous outdoor sports are practiced here, such as hiking, mountain biking, and climbing. And, of course, spelunking. One can also relax in its natural springs, the "aïns." Undoubtedly, Zaghouan is a must for nature enthusiasts.



Northeast Tunisia

Map of Mahdia

A lovely little fishing town south of Sousse, Mahdia is renowned for its numerous and beautiful beaches, with just the right amount of wind for practicing water sports. In the city, Cairo Square offers a refreshing break in the shade of its ficus trees. Afterward, you can reach the medina, which stretches across a peninsula. Transformed into a souk, it blooms with beautifully embroidered wedding attire. The reputation of Mahdia's weavers has crossed centuries. Not far from the Medina, the fishing port is one of the largest in Tunisia. Visits and sports come together for a perfect stay. Windsurfing, surfing, paddleboarding, as well as kite surfing and Wing Foil, are practiced throughout the year.



West Tunisia

Map of Tozeur

A desert city built with blonde bricks, Tozeur is surrounded by vast palm groves and serves as the gateway for a dive into the heart of the desert, with its dunes and oases. Strolling through the alleys of Tozeur offers a bit of freshness in the oppressive heat. Canyons, waterfalls, salt flats, and endless landscapes have given Tozeur's inhabitants the reputation of being poets. Indeed, by stopping at the doors of workshops to discover the various ways of weaving palm leaves into baskets or other everyday objects, one can touch this poetry. You can also take the time to get lost in the palm groves and discover an entire ecosystem housing orchards. Don't forget to savor the sweet dates, Tozeur's specialty. And, of course, have fun climbing to the top of the palm trees or going trekking. Film enthusiasts can also wander around the filming locations of Star Wars—who knows, you might encounter Chewbacca? Guaranteed change of scenery!