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Amazing Journeys...One Bridge at a Time

Photo by Indigenous Kokoda Adventures

Posted: March 14, 2020

This is just one of the hand built bridges you will encounter along the Kokoda Track.  Some are similar and quite easily navigated, others are less so and require some balancing skills but our porters are committed to ensuring that their trekker makes it across every bridge unscathed!

From climbing to the top of the many ridges to enjoy with amazement the spectacular views to climbing down to the valleys and jumping from rock to rock making your way across the many streams and rivers, you will be amazed at what you are accomplishing.  The commaraderie that develops, not just among the people on your trek, but with the porters and guides is like no other.

The trail is a challenging one but with the right mind set, attitude and training it is completely doable.  The uphills and the descents, the steepness, the humidity... it all adds up to a life changing experience.  Once you have completed the Kokoda Track with Indigenous Kokoda Adventures, you will know you can go anywhere and complete any trek. 

Indigenous Kokoda Adventures is here to ensure that every trekker has an absolutely amazing experience.  It is our committment to our trekkers.  The Kokoda Track is our home and we are inviting you to come and visit.