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Some People Have A Puppy Dog for a Pet......Others Have a Bull!



As if you don't have enough security with a village of Maasai tribesmen around you, when this young fella comes along to keep you company as well.  This young bull is better than any alarm system you will ever have.   He can literally sniff out danger from threats from over a mile away.  An in an area where leopards abound, this guy even sends these predators running for the hills.  And yet he loves his friends around him and is as gentle as you could ever find.  So, when we are out having lunch, he just loves to sit around with us and have a quiet doze.   But the moment he stands up with flaring nostrils in the air and when he starts stamping his hooves, its time to take notice.   He charges off to confront whatever it is that has earned his ire, only to come back after its all over and cointinues his snoozing.   Eddie is part of the One Horizon family and we love him dearly.  We çouldn't think of being without him.  You can also meet Eddie on our Maasai Magic and All Things Maasai excursions.   You will never forget him.