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The Locals Will Inspire You!



It’s an understatement to say that COVID has left all of us a little jaded.   Well, if this excursion, the RESILIENT WOMEN of KENYA, doesn’t lift your spirits, nothing will.  The day’s focus is meeting some of the most remarkable women you are ever likely to meet.  And you will come away inspired.  A day which will have a huge impact on you.

In Maasai communities’ women build the homes and ensure their children make the transition into adulthood. Other amazing Kenyan women include grandmothers who play a vital role in raising their grandchildren and One Horizon supports a pig farm initiative to improve the livelihoods of grandmothers. By the end of this 1-day experience, you will have visited two local communities most travellers never get to see. A social purpose experience like no other.  You can sit down with the locals, get to talk to them, hear their stories and see how they live.  You will be engulfed by the humour of the locals. Coming to Africa and being rejuvenated is what it’s all about.  For further information and bookings follow this link.