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Story by Boundless Journeys

Posted: January 8, 2020

For many of us in the northern hemisphere, this time of year, our thoughts turn to getting away from the cold and frosty weather. Planning now for a mid-winter or early spring trip means you have something to look forward to amidst the bleakness of the current season.

Here are our top destinations for how (and where) to warm up during winter…and early spring!


Weather: During the day, temperatures range from the 60s-80s°F—cooler in the mornings and at night. Rain is possible at any time, although there is a greater chance in November and December. Typically, these are passing showers.
Warm up with the chief: We take a break from game drives to visit an Iraqw village where the village chief and his wife welcome us into their ancestral home. We are treated to a tasting of traditional cuisine, a musical interlude, and fascinating conversation, where we have the chance to learn about their culture.


Weather: 90s°F around Ho Chi Minh City in the south and around Hanoi in the north, temperatures will be more mild and comfortable at 60s-70s°F. October through March is one of Vietnam’s two dry seasons, and the air quality will be much clearer.
Warm up with food: Vietnamese cuisine is world-renowned for its fusion of Asian and French flavors. Savor fresh spring rolls, a bowl of piping hot pho soup, noodle dishes, and even try a fried cricket at the cricket farm!


Weather: 70s-80s°F in Buenos Aires and 50s-60s°F in Patagonia, which is famous for its wind.
Warm up with hiking & BBQ: After touring Argentina’s vibrant capital and taking in a spicy tango show, we head south to Patagonia—windswept and remote, with incredible hiking and delicious, traditional asado barbecue.


Weather: mid-60s°F, usually dry, although in the mountains and on the coast, rain is possible.
Warm up with hiking & wine: The South Island is a hiker’s paradise for its incredible variety of terrain and ecosystems including rainforests, beaches, and mountain passes. New Zealand is also famous for its wine, and we’ll enjoy a wine-tasting in the Marlborough region, as well as local wine with dinner—you’ll earn your glass (or two) during the day!


Weather: Upper-50s-70s°F depending on elevation – Punakha will be on the warmer side, while the other cities will be cooler. Fall and spring are the driest and clearest seasons.
Warm up the soul: With prevalent spirituality and Buddhist philosophies, a rich culture, crystalline rivers, and sacred mountains, a trip to Bhutan will restore, soothe, and elevate your soul.