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A Once in a Lifetime Party for Travelers


Posted: April 26, 2021

For travelers that want to celebrate what most see as a ‘trip of a lifetime’, One Horizon offers an amazing event to help travelers celebrate their holiday in Kenya.   We continue to be humbled by the reasons that people come to Kenya.  Someitmes its the start of a new life, a tribute to a lost partner or friend or part of a bucket list.    Well think about the following!

A party hosted in a Maasai village with the villagers helping you celebrate in the only way the Maasai know how, with lots of singing and dancing is a great way to celebrate your adventure.  One Horizon arranges all the details and it’s an event that your guests will never forget.  Captured on video and images for memories of cherished moments.   And we can also live stream the party event back to their friends at home!   And the parties have hit the mark each time with amazing stories for everybody back home.