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Butterfield & Robinson Announces Exclusive New Colombia Experience

Story by Butterfield and Robinson

Posted: June 29, 2015

Butterfield & Robinson—the world’s premier active travel company—will explore the hiking, history and urban revitalization of Colombia with two exclusive 2015 departures

Butterfield & Robinson’s new Colombia Places on the Verge trip offers an authentic and in-depth introduction to the undiscovered landscape, renewal and culture of a country whose challenging past portends an optimistic future. With one departure selling out in just 48 hours, this 8-day trip meets a high demand for travellers wanting to get in deep and up close in a region, examining the challenges facing our planet, their roots and their myriad complexities.

On this Places on the Verge (POV) trip—which explores UNESCO World Heritage Sites, historical centres, National Parks and revitalized cities—we delve deep into the heart of the issue, and see some of the creative solutions to the challenges ahead.

“What we found here is a country emergent, with brand new buildings and bike lanes, a restaurant scene that rivals some of our favourite New York City neighbourhoods and communities bursting with creativity,” says Trip Designer Jonathan Lansdell. “There are a few places in Bogota that tip their hats to the old world, but on the whole, the place is buzzing with modernity.”

Starting in Bogota and ending in Cartagena, Colombia POV will explore the coffee triangle, stroll through Los Nevados National Park, discover Medellin’s urban revitalization (a city once considered the most dangerous in the world) and embark on a bike ride of the Arvi Nature Reserve.