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Clean up and upgrade Everest trails

Story by Sherpa Heritage Trails

Posted: January 29, 2021

Due to a full lockdown in spring 2020, and a closure for tourists until the 17th of October 2020, tourism in Nepal and the Khumbu region was close to nothing. Local Sherpa communities have used this period for upgrading and cleaning up the Everest trails.

Complaints tourists had over the years about the bad state of trails, and trash management was addressed. Some parts of the trails were made safer by building stone steps and rails. And a few bridges were repaired and are now safer to cross. 

The Namche Youth Group spend a lot of time and effort on their cultural heritage. Overgrown mani walls and mani stones were cleaned up of weeds and brushes. And the ancient prayers were repainted again. 

The Namche Women's group cleaned up trash in their neighbourhood and set up a waste management system. 

Of course, the lack of tourism has affected all of us. Still, this is a great way to spend time on building back tourism better in the Khumbu and Nepal.