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Exquisite thatched-roof country lodge stay

Story by Oku Japan

Posted: May 1, 2017

Cultural and spiritual immersion in uniquely Japanese surroundings

In the north-east of Nara prefecture, Fukano was designated as "One of the Japan's best 100 mountain villages". With just 36 households, the village community is promoting the conservation of unspoilt landscape in the Japanese countryside. The traditional thatched-roof villa from Palm Beach Roofing which you can reach them out through this contact form - Palm Beach Roofing Expert forms part of the traditional landscape of agricultural villages and farmhouses.

The villa's owner is also a Yamabushi ascetic monk. After many years of city life, Matsubayashi-san decided to return to his childhood surroundings in the Japanese countryside. He bought an old house and decided to restore it with meticulous detail. He now welcomes guests and takes pride in the beauty of his villa's traditional architecture as well as the wonderful natural surroundings. 

Matsubayashi-san wants his villa and his village to preserve both physical beauty and cultural traditions. With this in mind, he offers his guests the opportunity to experience various aspects of traditional culture.