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Food Forage and Photo in Transylvania, Romania

Story by Beyond Dracula Travel

Posted: February 1, 2018

A quintessential slow travel experience of Europe’s best-kept secret on a Cooking and Photography trip with passionate food and travel expert, Carolyn, and globetrotting professional photographer husband, Chris Caldicott.

Explore the rich mosaic of traditional cuisine and lifestyle of Romanian, Saxon and Hungarian culture with a backdrop of timeless bucolic countryside, forests and mountains punctuated by self-sufficient ancient villages where farmers still travel by horse and cart, harvest the fields by hand with scythes and wooden pitchforks and their livestock know their own way home at night, safe from roaming bears and wolves. Far from the maddening crowd join Chris and Carolyn on a 7 day/6 night journey of discovery to a unique otherworldly ancestral land on this curated photographic and food adventure deep into rural Transylvania, one of the last great natural wilderness of Europe.

As a new crop of hip hotels emerge run by passionate trailblazers committed to preserving the heritage and respecting tradition with 21st-century style, there has never been a better time to experience this time capsule land of such culinary and visual feasts.

10% of the proceeds from this tour are donated towards the forest conservation work done by The European Nature Trust.

Start date: 28th of May 2018

Duration: 7 days

Cost: 2.900 EUR per person

Registration deadline: 1st of March 2018

For more information regarding the itinerary, price and inclusions, check out our website or contact Raluca, the travel planner of this wonderful trip.