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Story by PolarQuest Expeditions

Posted: May 16, 2017

Niklas Nilsson mainly works with the planning and implementation of our trips to Svalbard, but he is also a professional photographer and filmmaker. Niklas has a great interest in our nature and wildlife and when he is not at the office he enjoys spending time outdoor with his camera. Here he shares his best tips on how to take great pictures during your expedition in the Polar Regions.

Polarization filter

Clear blue skies and sparkling glaciers – one of many beautiful sceneries in Svalbard, but sometimes tricky to capture with a camera. A polarization filter can be very helpful during sunny days as this filter cut reflections and enhance the saturation that sometimes disappear in the bright light. Another effect with the filter is that reflections in the water are reduced. This means that you for example can take pictures of parts of an ice berg that are hidden under the surface.

Extra batteries

Batteries are not very fond of cool environments and can quickly lose capacity. Therefore it’s always a good idea to bring some extra. Try to keep them warm. A pocket near your body is recommended.

Image stabilization

Movements can easily make your pictures blurry, and carrying a heavy camera stand is not always recommended since it cannot be used while we are cruising in our Zodiacs. This is why the image stabilization can be very helpful when it’s a bit difficult to take sharp pictures.

Auto focus

One or several focus points? Follow focus or one shot focus? It is important to find a way that suits your own photography and to rely on the adjustments. In general, the ability to move the points is useful; to make sure the focus is properly positioned. Try to place the object in focus outside the center of the image. This often creates a good composition.

Learn your camera from A to Z

Today’s cameras are incredible and often have plenty of functions that make it easier for you to take great pictures. To really get to know your equipment is crucial to benefit from these functions. With increased knowledge about the camera, your pictures will definitely get better.