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It Was Only A Joke!


Posted: July 5, 2021

Yes, we do transfers from the airport, but no, we don’t do it this way (ie as in the image).   A couple of months ago we indicated to our newsletter readers that we were in the business of picking people up from the airport when they came on a One Horizon experience.   We had used the image of a woman on a sofa on the back of a motor bike as an attempt at humour.    It was a joke!   Well amazingly, we have had 23 transfer requests specifically asking for the lounge seat transfer.  Of course, we wouldn’t use such a means of transport.  Whilst the locals may use it to transport their newly purchased sofa or armchairs to their homes, we would counsel against that as well.  It is an amazing sight to see such events, but Nairobi never ceases to amaze us.    So, we are sorry to disappoint people on that one and we hope you all understand.      And we hope you are with us next time, grandma or some other family member whizzes by on their way home.